Sunday, 3 August 2008

sundown adventure land/ treswell park

We all went on the smugglers cove boat rde and the kids loved it sooooo much that they went on quite a few times here is my friend alix and the girls then jack and mummy. Pleas dont look at the mummy lol

Well they got rescued and then went on to try and become the queen of camelot by the extraction of the sword in the stone but it was not to be the throne belonged to the frog prince jack.

After their lunch they travelled to visit hansel and gretal but got trapped by the old witch. Here they are before they end up in the oven. Lets hope someone comes and rescue them in the nick of time.
here is meg chloe and jack having the leftover lunch that theseven dwarfs left before they went back to the mines.

thought we would share our day at sundown park but barry will probably remeber it as treswell park or pets corner. It was supposed to rain but by eck the weather forecast was sooooo wrong.